Student Opportunities


The CSCA is closely integrated into the academic and teaching activities of the University. CSCA research staff and infrastructure continue to play a significant role in the teaching and support of undergraduate and graduate studies and research in the areas of business applications of various spatial technologies.

The CSCA and its staff provide support and research assistance to students.  Since 1992, the Centre has hired/funded over 175 students in various capacities. This support represents a considerable contribution to the advancement of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP), a benchmark that is often used by national and provincial granting councils and agencies to evaluate the success of various research grants. 

During the academic year and over the summer, we hire a variety of Research Assistant positions to assist with the work at the Centre.  Any available positions will be posted here with instructions for consideration. 


Assistance with Research


In addition to employment opportunities, the CSCA is glad to support student research encompassed within academic requirements.  Students can request our location data to assist their research for a thesis, term papers or other program-related academic projects.  

For student members, custom data requests can be made for program-related academic research purposes and educational assignments at no cost.

If you are a student and require data, please access our request form. As a signature from your professor or advisor is required, you can scan the completed form and e-mail it to or drop it off in person to us.