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Major Food Services Chain Data (MFS)


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Major Food Services Chain Data (MFS)

A national database that provides a comprehensive current quarterly view of Major Food Service Chain (MFS) store locations across Canada in a spatial format that can be used within a wide range of business applications, including:

  • Build sales forecasting models
  • Populate trade areas with competitor store locations and analyze presence by market
  • Determine major food service offerings within a trade area or shopping centre

The MFS Database tracks:

More than 28,390 food service store locations across Canada by 186 retail conglomerates operating 395 chains

A word cloud representing major food services chains in Canada with the text size representing the total estimated square footage and the text colour the food service category type. 

**The Major Food Services Chain Database is relationally linked to CSCA's Shopping Centre Database

Where is data sourced for the MFS Database?

Public domain sources, primarily via internet web sites and where applicable, field validated information is used to further support the quality of the data.

When and in what formats is the data released?

The data is released on a rolling Quarterly Basis – on the following dates: January 31st, April 30th, July 31st and October 31st. 

Data Fields and File Formats

  • Conglomerate ID, Conglomerate Name, Chain Id, Chain Name, Street Address, FSALDU, CSD2016 ID, CSD2016 Name, CMA2016 ID, CMA2016 Name, PRO2016 ID, PRO2016 Name, NACIS2012 6 Digit Code, NACIS2012 6 Digit Description, NACIS2012 3 Digit Code, NACIS2012 3 Digit Description, Estimated Size, Estimated Size Source ID, Estimated Size Source Description, DriveThru, Food Service Type ID, Food Service Type Description, Food Service Category ID, Food Service Category Description, Shopping Centre ID, Shopping Centre Name, Update Date
  • Location (Latitude & Longitude)
  • Download the complete CSCA MFS Data Dictionary
  • Download a sample of CSCA's MFS data
  • Data Provided in GIS (MapInfo, ESRI ArcGIS) and Spreadsheet (Excel) Formats
    An example in the Vancouver CMA of mapping selected MFS food service types.

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