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Shopping Centre Data (SCD)


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Shopping Centre Data (SCD)

A national database that provides a comprehensive current annual view of Shopping Centres (SCD) across Canada in a spatial format that can be used within a wide range of business applications, including:

  • Calculate shopping centre square footage by market
  • Calculate year over year change in square footage by market
  • Populate trade areas with shopping centre locations
  • Identify potential centres of interest for store planning
Bubble graph representing retail square footage by shopping centre type and province

The SCD Database tracks:

More than 5,270 shopping centres grouped by ICSC's Canadian Industry Standard Shopping Centre Classification

Defined primarily by the size of the shopping centre
  • Convenience
  • Neighborhood
  • Community
  • Regional
  • Super-Regional
Defined primarily by the form and function of the shopping centre
  • Power Centre
  • Factory Outlet
  • Lifestyle Centre
  • Hybrid
  • Mixed-use

Sample from our national SCD: A selection of Calgary's major shopping centres by size and centre type.
** The Shopping Centre Database is relationally linked to the CSCA’s Major Retail Chain Database

Where is data sourced for the SCD Database?

Public domain sources, primarily via internet web sites and where applicable field validated information is used to further support the quality of the data.

When and in what formats is the data released?

The data is released on an Annual Basis – on January 31st each year.

Data Fields and File Formats:

  • Shopping Centre ID, Shopping Centre Name, Shopping Centre Type ID, Shopping Centre Type, Postal Address, Nearest major intersection, Postal FSALDU, Postal Place Name, Postal Province, CSD2016 ID, CSD2016 Name, CMA2016 ID, CMA2016 Name, PRO2016 ID, PRO2016 Name, Estimated Size, Estimated Size Source, Estimated Store Count, Estimated Store Count Source, Update Date
  • Location (Latitude & Longitude)
  • Download the complete CSCA SCD Data Dictionary
  • Data provided in GIS (MapInfo, ESRI ArcGIS) and Spreadsheet (excel) Formats
  • Download a sample of CSCA's SCD data

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