About CSCA


  • Generate and share research insights that further knowledge and understanding of the industry
  • Create and maintain high quality location-based data and information to support private and public sector decision-making activities
  • Develop innovative geospatial analytical methods and approaches to leverage location-based data
  • Support the education, training and professional development of highly qualified personnel to serve the needs of the location analytics industry
  • Enable research-driven connections amongst private and public sector stakeholders to address critical issues related to the industry


  • Enhance the competitiveness of the consumer service sector for the benefit of Canadian society


  • Innovatively apply location-based research, education and outreach within the consumer service sector

Research Model

CSCA  Research Model: Private & Public Sector Membership, Students Graduate Undergraduate,  GeoAnalytics Infrastructure (CFI & MRI), University Support,  Research Staff & Associates, Research Project Grants and Data Analytics Partners & Industry Association Partners

The CSCA has always operated on a partnership model. The Centre links the activities of a university-based research unit with the needs of a broad set of private and public sector members. The concept has been to build, maintain and develop extensive databases that enable CSCA researchers to establish a detailed understanding of the changing nature of the supply-side of the Canadian consumer service sector. The research activity of the Centre has been supported by industry membership, the Eaton Chair endowment, grants from provincial and national funding agencies and University support. The underlying research model is based on a 'mutual fund' approach whereby the Centre seeks and benefits from the support of a range of stakeholders, and in turn, members of the CSCA benefit from the Centre’s insights and data. Promoting partnerships between the private and public sector has been a key component of the success of the CSCA.


The CSCA research model was developed by Dr. Ken Jones in the Spring of 1991 with a business plan that laid out some fundamental principles for the Centre and established a set of research milestones and deliverables that were attained over the first year of operation. The fundamental mission of the CSCA has remained largely unchanged over the years, that is, to provide decision support to those organizations with an interest in the Canadian retail and service sectors. Dr. Jones led the CSCA from its foundation in 1992 through to 2005, at which time, Dr. Tony Hernandez was appointed Director of the Centre.

CSCA Annual Report

The CSCA files an annual report in accordance with Policy 144 with the Office of the Vice President of Research each year to demonstrate the range of research activity it has undertaken.

If you wish to download a copy of the latest report, you may do so here –