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Assessing Shopping Centre Space Needs In Canada


Assessing Shopping Centre Space Needs In Canada

By Dr. Maurice Yeates and Dr. Tony Hernandez

With growing questions over the future of shopping centres, the latest research from the CSCA provides a number of perspectives that aim to expand debate regarding shopping centre space needs in Canada. Our analysis places the bricks-and-mortar shopping centre industry in the context of supply-side and retail innovations.  The rapid growth of e-retail is discussed in relation to broader economic productivity and population growth dynamics that characterize Canada as a nation of distinct regions. The over-reliance on traditional space per capita metrics and associated Canada vs. US comparison is also discussed. It highlights how the proportion of retail space use varies by different shopping centre types (from mega- to small-centres). The CSCA Research Insight underlines the need to look beyond e-retail trends to broader economic and regional market dynamics to fully assess shopping centre space needs.

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