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Barcelona: The Commercial Structure


Barcelona: The Commercial Structure

By Jim Simmons and Shizue Kamikihara

This report is the fourth in a series of case studies undertaken as part of the Centre's project on the Competitive Position of Canadian Commercial Activities with the Global Market.  Each case study follows the same outline, as described in the introductory report, "International Comparisons of Commercial Structure".

Barcelona is a Mediterranean city, with one of the most attractive shopping environments in the world: long, shady boulevards filled with modern boutiques, enticing pedestrian zones and neighbourhood markets overflowing with fresh produce.  It is a City of Toronto planner's fantasy - ordered, rational, prosperous but respectful of traditional values.  But this paradise is changing rapidly; hypermarkets, shopping centers, international retailers and new retail formats are transforming the commercial structure.  The most interesting findings of the Barcelona study are the pressures for convergence that effect every commercial environment.

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