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GIS in Retailing in Canada, the UK and the Netherlands


GIS in Retailing in Canada, the UK and the Netherlands

By Dr. Tony Hernandez, Marco Biasiotto and David Bennison

In recent years increasing numbers of retailers have adopted geographical information system (GIS) technology to support their decision making activities.  Whether producing pretty maps for the boardroom or supporting the development of models to predict consumer behaviour, GIS have been seen by many retailers as an obvious technology which can provide the information required to make 'informed' decisions.  This report examines the nature and extent of GIS adoption, use and development by retail organizations.  Key findings are presented from an international survey of retail GIS which was undertaken amongst major retail organizations in Canada, the UK and the Netherlands.  The empirical findings are complemented with qualitative evidence gathered during a series of in-depth interviews with stakeholders within a small number of retail organizations.

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