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Hot Spots in Canadian Retailing 1999 - 2000


Hot Spots in Canadian Retailing 1999 - 2000

Dr. Ken Jones, Tansel Erguden & Philip Bermingham

This report is the third in our series of updates that identify and interpret changes in the major concentrations of retail sales activity in Canada.  Using the SARTRE (Small Area Retail Trade Estimates) database, this update examines changes in the ranking of major retail areas in Canada for the 1999-2000 period.  In the research, the hot spots of Canadian retailing are identified and evaluated for: (i) total retail sales (excluding automotive); (ii) fashion retailing; and, (iii) general merchandise goods.  With the release of this information a more precise view of the dynamics of the Canadian retail economy as of 2000 - the most recent date for which data are available is made possible.

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