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La Dynamique Commerciale de Toronto et de Montreal (1975-1995)


La Dynamique Commerciale de Toronto et de Montreal (1975-1995)

By Florence Smits

 This publication represents a significant departure from the normal CSCA monograph series.  This report, in French, focuses on a comparison of the retail economy and structure of the central city in Canada's two principal cities - Montreal and Toronto.  The report captures the major findings of a doctoral thesis completed by Florence Smits and the research provides a rare opportunity to examine how the retail structure of Montreal and Toronto evolved over the 20-year period from 1975 to 1995. A time that was associated with the development and maturation of the underground retail systems that characterize the retail form in both cities.  The report provides rich empirical detail and allows the analyst to examine how retailing in both cities responded to mega-changes in the regional and national economies.  Of particular interest is the information and associated maps that examine a set of retail benchmarks - vacancy rates, retail turnover and the growth of chains and franchises.  The monograph provides insights into the volatility of the modern retail economy and the level of synergy between the retail chain and the franchise.

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