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Supply Side Segmentation in Canadian Markets


Supply Side Segmentation in Canadian Markets

By Dr. Ricardo Gomez-Insausti and Dr. Ken Jones

This research report focuses on the segmentation of Canadian markets from the supply side of the economy in contrast to many segmentation analyses done from the demand side.  The report provides a typology of commercial enclaves based on a wide range of locational and cultural attributes that were statistically analyzed through data reduction and classification techniques.  The research approach relies on theoretical contributions and empirical analyses coming from various disciplines: geography, marketing, anthropology, sociology and cultural studies. 

The findings can be used as a meso-scale framework for further micro level analyses of commercial spaces across the country.  They can assist decision-making processes within retail and service corporations, marketing firms, city planning divisions, business improvement area associations and community foundations.  Geography, marketing and retail management students may also find resourceful the explanation of a different perspective on market segmentation.

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