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The CSCA Retail 100    (previously Canada's Leading Retailers)


The CSCA Retail 100 (previously Canada's Leading Retailers)

By Christopher Daniel and Dr. Tony Hernandez

Welcome to the first edition of the CSCA Retail 100, an evolution of the CSCA’s Canada’s Leading Retailers report series. This series focuses on the top 100 retail conglomerates operating in Canada as ranked by total estimated retail sales. Why focus solely on the top 100 conglomerates ranked by sales? Within the top 100 retailers in Canada can be found those organizations whose economies of scale enable them to exert a significant influence on Canada’s retail economy, be it in the form of competitive pressures on other medium and small size firms, or on commercial leasing firms who provide the retail space in which these top retailers operate. Understanding the marketing strategies and positioning these top 100 retail conglomerates adopt gives us additional insight into the ongoing processes that shape Canada’s retail economy.

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