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Major Food Services (MFS) in Canada


Major Food Services (MFS) in Canada

By Dr. Maurice Yeates, Stephanie Dizonno and Dr. Tony Hernandez

In this CSCA Research Insight, we focus on the burgeoning food services industry in Canada - an industry that grew at twice the rate of population growth between 2015-2019. The industry is comprised of six sub-sectors of activities, with full-service and limited-service eating places accounting for 90% of all food service business establishments in Canada. Using data from our quarterly-released national CSCA Maior Food Service (MFS) Chain Database we analyze the corporate and location structure of limited-service eating places across Canada. We find that the limited-service eating places sub-sector is largely a chain­based and franchised sub-sector with 75% of the establishments operating as part of a chain and an estimated 90% franchised. It is highly concentrated with the top 5 US-owned conglomerates controlling over 50% of all the establishments in the sub-sector. By contrast, the 78 Canadian-owned conglomerates controlled just over one-third of all the establishments.

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